Launching the project of "Building Leadership Capacities of Syrian Refugees in Lebanese Bekaa's Camps"

Some photos that demonstrate some outreach activities implemented by BFD Center for Leadership and Community Development as a part of “building leadership capacities of Syrian refugees in Bekaa Valley” project funded by respected European Endowment for Democracy “EED”. The project aims to empower refugees protect their rights peacefully, and set plans to achieve economic sufficiency inside their camps. Sep 2018. 

"A move in the Nature" Campaign

Some aspects of “a move in the nature” campaign which was organized by BFD organization to encourage women and girls to ride bicycles and to foster social integration between Syrian and Lebanese communities in Bekaa Valley – 2017

Climbing Activities for Youth

Photos that show some aspects of climbing activities for youth and children which were organized by BFD Center for Leadership and Community Development in collaboration with Climb AID organization.

The Way Starts Here Forum' reportage

The Way Starts Here Forum was held in Istanbul 22-23 May, 2017 in participation of 350 guests and speakers who gathered from 12 Arab and Western countries. The forum aimed to build a common vision between the Syrian civil society parties in order to rise their afflicted communities and build their capacities in a sustainable manner.

We, in Basamat for Development, are willing to give a hand and cooperate with all those who share our goals and values on the way of building the capacities of our people and help disadvantaged societies.