About Basamat for Development

Basamat for Development (BFD) is an independent Syrian civil-society organization was founded in Lebanon in March 2014 with a registration number (6400/2017), by a group of Syrian civil-society activists & volunteers, working on-the-ground with Syrian refugees. Basamat is also registered in Canada (Canada Business Number: 968238-4) & the Province of Quebec (NEQ: 1171725972); in Turkey/Istanbul (34-237-043); and has a legal status in Gothenburg, Sweden (4, 415 05).

Our Mission

BFD believes in the revolutionary role of women and youth as a key ingredient in building the liberated Syrian society, and we believe that education and community participation are fundamental rights to changing children’s lives ethically and practically during and after crises. To that end, we support community’s members, leaders, and our team to design and implement innovative education and empowerment programs that have a sustainable developmental impact on our people.

Our Vision

A Syrian society in which everyone has the right to learn and the ability to lead change and influence the decision-making process.

Our Values


We take responsibility in our projects to achieve sustainable development impacts in the lives of all members of society and to promote lasting respect for their rights.


We ask ourselves and our staff to set high ceiling targets no matter what resources are available in our hands.


We guarantee the right of freedom for our employees and beneficiaries to express their opinions and religions without any obstacles or barriers.


We always work to include the real interests of women, children and young people in designing our projects to ensure their protection and effective participation.


We believe in the employment of marginalized and vulnerable individuals in the community and provide them with opportunities for training and education to activate their role in society, as well as the continuous development of the skills and knowledge of our employees.

Our Work Team

Our team is made of 123 employees (65 women and 58 men) specifically chosen from the communities which they serve. Trained to be effective in the field of humanitarian work, they are geographically spread across each of Syria, Lebanon, Turkey, Egypt, and Canada.