Funded by EED: An Integrated Project to Empower Syrian Refugees in Lebanon

ِEarly in 2019, Basamat for Development (BFD) has completed the first component of the integrated project “Building Leadership Capacity of Syrian Refugees in the Lebanese Bekaa Valley” funded by respected European Endowment for Democracy (EED). The project aims at empowering Syrian refugee communities established in Bekaa to be able to protect their rights peacefully and contribute to achieving low-scale economic sufficiency through long-term training programs starting from September 2018 and ending in February 2020.

The initiative targets 40 Syrian youth by building skills and capacities that will allow them to be involved in civic and humanitarian issues related to their affairs in Lebanon and potentially at a later stage in Syria. By empowering Syrian youth, BFD seeks to shield them from extremism and other risks threatening abandoned youth.

The project consists of the following key components:

  1. Leadership Training Program (completed): It includes choosing 40 trainees from 10 refugee camps across Bekaa Valley and delivering 2 training packages, each involves 3 workshops on effective leadership and team building, dialogue and negotiation skills, and strategic thinking and change management.
  2. Human Rights Training Program: It will provide 20 youth with skills, knowledge, and resources required to document human rights violations committed against their communities through 5 workshops on “Human Right Covenant”, “International Humanitarian Law”, “1967 Protocol Relating to the Status of Refugees”, “Principles of Human Rights Documentation”, and finally “Advocacy and Mobilization”
  3. Economic Empowerment Program: 3 workshops will be delivered to the other 20 trainees on local economic development. The workshops will address the role of economic sufficiency in challenging environments and its impact on peace and democracy development; Feasibility study and proposals writing; Productive project management.
  4. Research Addressing Democracy Status among Refugee Communities: The 40 trainees will collect data on the human rights situation and governance issues in the target refugee sites under the supervision of a specialist researcher. A mid-term event gathering local institutions, local and international CSOs, NGOs and other stakeholders will be organized to present the research and the first results of the initiative.
  5. Follow-up Activities and Coaching: The project will conduct semi-monthly follow-up sessions along 5 months to ensure the trainees are committed to their duties and advancing their skills. In parallel, the human rights trainees will provide reports on a monthly basis focusing on human rights conditions in the camp they are responsible for, and the economic empowerment trainees will submit project feasibility studies and proposals that will be submitted to donors and crowdfunding platforms to ensure the project sustainability.

We are looking forward to complete all the project components and deliver the desired outcomes to the targeted communities and stakeholders. For more information please contact

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