Toward an Effective Syrian Economic Power in Turkey

In collaboration with The Syrian Economic Forum, Basamat for Development (BFD) has organized “Businesses Establishment and Licensing” Forum with the aim to raise awareness among Syrian youth and women on the importance of complying to legal procedures stipulated in Turkey in order to protect their individual and corporate rights and achieve sustainability to their projects. The forum was held in the participation of 50 people, among them Turkish persons, in Bayrampasha Town.
The forum discussed disparities between the sole proprietorship, limited liability partnership, and limited liability company and explained licensing processes that each of them should go through in order to be a legal status. The forum also introduced “Rohsatim 3” project, one of the Syrian Forum Projects, which helps Syrian entrepreneurs with the paperwork to obtain a legal situation for their businesses. Rohsatim projects have benefited 3225 individuals establishing their firms and is looking forward to delivering its services to other 250 persons in Istanbul.

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