BFD Annual Report – 2017

Committing to accountability and transparency in front of BFD’s beneficiaries, partners, and stakeholders, we would like to share our annual report 2017 with you and to declare our responsibility for any unintentional mistake made by our executives and team members.

We also are happy to share with you the introductory statement of Dr. Layla Al Saleh, president of BFD board of director, as follows:

Basamat for Development organization is a distinctive entity because it has passed the approach of “crisis management” and moved to implement programs that concentrate on the transformation from “surviving” to “building” of the communities. BFD’s members work hard to empower women and youth through political and societal filed as a cornerstone toward the protection of women rights in citizenship. In addition, BFD holds an obvious appreciation for the Syrian society’s privacy and culture as to fulfill a message that aims to achieve freedom and dignity for all humans, and specifically for Syrians.

For the months to come, I kindly remind BFD members to go on in improving their operations and development of the Syrian human capital within the various fields of education, economy, and politics. In addition, I expect Basamat for Development to have a leading role in helping disadvantaged communities, especially women and girls, to make them able to recover on their own.

The Syrian issue shall not be only correlated with pain and displacement, but with resistance, innovation, growth, and the high values of work, sacrifice, and searching for refinement that are considered the building blocks of the Syrian revolution.”

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