BFD’s Strategic Plan 2020

Believing in the importance of strategic planning based on the assessment of real needs of Syrian people and their priorities, and continuing in our approach of maximizing human and financial resources, we are pleased to share BFD’s strategic plan 2018 – 2020 to our loved followers, partners, and stakeholders.

Our strategic plan for the coming three years represents a turning point in our operations progress toward a more organized approach and a more inclusive vision. 2020 Strategy is distinctive because it has been set in conjunction with sustainable development goals 2030 and according to the international conventions of human rights. In addition, It was put to meet the real needs of our people on the way of building democratic and free Syria. It comes after a comprehensive revision of the overall performance of Basamat for Development work during the past two years simultaneously with an analysis of the internal and external environments in Syrian the neighbor countries and discussing possible scenarios and strategic alternatives. Toward 2020, using the Balanced Scorecard framework, BFD will implement two educational and community development programs with a minimum bulk of $2.5m.

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