“Families of Detainees and Forcibly Disappeared Persons” Forum – Lebanon

“Families of Detainees and Forcibly Disappeared Persons” Forum – Lebanon

Believing in the freedom of prisoners of opinion, and ratifying on human rights conventions, BFD organization has launched the project of “Families of Detainees and Forcibly Disappeared Persons Forum” in Lebanon, Bekaa Valley, in collaboration with Save the Rest Campaign, LIFE organization, and Syrian Violations Documentation Center on 29 November, 2017, in participation of approximately 200 persons. The forum aimed at supporting detainees’ families and electing of a committee from the participants themselves whose responsibility is to represent those families and deliver their demands and voices to international entities in an attempt to set their loved ones free.

The project involves several stages, the first has started with the election of the committee members and building their capacities on violations document, peacebuilding, negotiation and leadership, and advocacy and lobbying. These workshops were offered by our partner organizations Nuon for Peace-Building, House of Peace, and Starting Point. The stages to come will concentrate the efforts to aid the committee participates at local and regional, and later international, events and conferences as a formal entity representing detainees and demanding their freedom.

BFD organization welcomes any initiatives and partnerships that contribute to the success of the project and its development and sustainability on the way of saving our detainees from Assad’s prisons.

To know more details about the project please visit the forum’s visual report produced by SMART Network.

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